How to Choose your Perfect Speechwriter, Part 4

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25. Are you afraid of speaking in public?

Most people are.  But I make it fun.  Most speechwriters just write.  But I also coach you on your delivery and support your learning curve. 

26. Are you intimidated by experienced other speakers who’ll be attending seem to have? 

When I know who else will be speaking at your event, we find a topic that won’t be covered by anyone else.  Then your contribution, like your speech, will be unique.

One of my clients had to deliver a speech at an event attended by President Bill Clinton, Henry Kissinger and Geraldo Rivera.  She was in tears when she called me in the middle of the night for help.  But she was glowing with pride after the event, when Kissinger and Geraldo cheered her contribution, and Bill Clinton gave her a hug.  I can get the same great results for you, too.  

27. Would you buy a home without having a professional look over the paperwork? 

Do you style your own hair?  Service your own Mercedes?  Examine your own eyes?  Of course not.  So asking for help with a speech is totally acceptable. 

I’m here for you 24/7. 

28. Do you want your speech to be remembered? 

Ninety percent of my clients either frame or keepsake the speeches I write for them.  The rest save them using digital media.  Nobody can say that about a quickie, cheapo speech written by some schlock writer in Hohokam.       

29. You have a fingerprint as a person.  Do you want your speech to reflect that?

When you want and need a one-of-a-kind speech, toast, vow, memorial or eulogy, I’m your speechwriter.

30. Legacy

Do you have something very special you want to say to your child on her/his Bat/Bar Mitzvah or wedding/graduation/engagement day?   Maybe something your parent said to you?  And your child will say to her/his own child down the road? 

Our children have only one Bat/Bar Mitzvah. And, hopefully, just one wedding.   So do their parents, grandparents, great grandparents.  These milestone occasions often include memories of other family events.  That makes them legacies.  What I write for you is worthy of that.      

31.  Do you want to talk to Molly-Ann Leikin, Executive Speechwriter and Coach, now, by phone? 

Call 800-851-6588. 

33. If you prefer, you can email Molly-Ann Leikin, Executive Speechwriter and Coach, here:  Leave your phone number, time zone, and when it would be convenient for me to call you. 

I am in California. 

Your occasion is my occasion.  I take it very personally. 

Being your speechwriter isn’t just a gig.  It is my pleasure to celebrate with you.    


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