How to Choose Your Perfect Speechwriter (Part 1)

Part 1 of 4
By Molly-Ann Leikin, Emmy nominee

1. Is the speechwriter you’re considering available by phone, live, 24/7?

Yes, I’m an Executive Speechwriter, in the USA, and I’m always here for you.  My phone number is 800-851-6588.  You should have one-on-one live conversations with your speechwriter, no matter what the occasion.  Each speech is different.  So is each speaker.  Hearing each other’s voices creates an essential, personal connection you can’t get from a generic form or email.   

2. Is English your speechwriter’s first language?

Yes, English is my first language.  When your speech is in English, it’s essential to have a native English-speaker write it.  Otherwise, it won’t sound like you.  And it’s always important for your speech to sound personal.  That’s what I do.    

3. For Bar and Bat Mitzvah speeches, is your speechwriter Jewish? 

Yes, absolutely.  I’m Jewish.  When I was growing up, I attended Hebrew school and had a beautiful Bat Mitzvah.  Then I spent a year abroad in Ashkelon, Israel.    

4. Is your speechwriter working in the USA? 

Yes, I work in the USA and serve my discriminating clients throughout the USA and Canada.  Writers in third-world countries do not have the command of conversational English to make your big day perfect. 

5. Do her website writing samples make you feel connected?

Samples of my writing all kinds of speeches appear on my website,  It’s always important to review your speechwriter’s previous work.  

6. Do her website speechwriting samples make you feel comfortable?

All my clients say they saw my writing samples at and called me right away, because they felt connected to me after reading them.  It’s important for you to know how your speechwriter expresses herself before hiring her. 

7. Does your speechwriter make plenty of time to listen to you talk, so she can hear your speech patterns? 

Yes, after our initial phone call, and we decide to move forward, to begin writing your original speech, I set aside 90 minutes at your convenience, to speak to you.  That way, I learn your speech patterns, along with words you would and wouldn’t say.  It’s important that your speech sound like you, not me. 

8. Is your speechwriter up to date on the traditions plus all the hot trends in hosting weddings, engagements, graduations, Bar/Bat Mitzvoth, memorials, eulogies, big birthdays, retirements?

I am.  I write for all occasions, and attend many social, religious and corporate functions each month.  I make a point of knowing the traditions for each faith, and pride myself on having an ecumenical spirit.  I also make a point of knowing what’s new, and seeing which is the best fit for each of my clients.  If you hire someone who doesn’t know these things, or lacks these qualities, you will be dissatisfied with your speech.  My job is to make sure you’re happy. 

9. Does your speechwriter inspire confidence in you that the two of you are the right team? 

If you don’t feel confident that I’m the right speechwriter for you, I don’t want your business. 

I am in California. 

Your occasion is my occasion.  I take it very personally. 

 Being your speechwriter is never just a gig.  It is my pleasure to celebrate with you.    

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