How to Choose Your Perfect Speechwriter, Part 3

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19.  Does your speechwriter have solid, professional references?    

I’m connected to over 4,300 professionals on LinkedIn.  In addition, I’ve been recommended by hundreds of event professionals - from florists to caterers to priests, rabbi’s and musicians.  The people who know me are aware of my good work, and support me with their kind referrals.  I warn you to stay away from wannabe speechwriters nobody knows.   

20. Does your event deserve the very best?

Do you want the cheapest speech, or the best?  You get what you pay for.  When you and your event deserve the very best, and the most original, I’m your first call.  800-851-6588. 

21. Do you have the feelings in your heart, but it’s hard for you to translate them into words? 

This is why my clients call me.  And hire me over again.  I’m very good at turning your personal feelings into original words.  Beware of speechwriters who assume everyone is the same and go for the generic every time. 

22. Do you want to do a better job than your sister did at the last family occasion?  

Our family members are always trying to one-up each other.  When I write your speech, toast, vows, memorial or eulogy, I make sure you shine.  There’s no such thing as pretty good.  If it isn’t perfect, your speechwriter hasn’t done her job.   

23.  Do you feel pressure to impress your guests?

We all feel pressure to impress our guests.  When you’re my clients, I take the load off your shoulders, so you can be at ease and enjoy yourself.   

24. What speechwriting style do you want? 

If a speechwriter has limited style, and only writes in one genre, avoid him at all costs.  I write in every genre – from religious to rap.  Funny to solemn.  You and I pick the genre and style that fits you best, then we rock it. 

I am in California. 

Your occasion is my occasion.  I take it very personally. 

Being your speechwriter isn’t just a gig.  It is my pleasure to celebrate with you.    

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