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Molly-Ann Leikin, (rhymes with bacon) is the Executive Speechwriter and Emmy-nominee. Known for the depth of her passion, her sharp wit and most of all, her sense of humor, Molly writes one-of-a-kind speeches in your voice, not hers.

Her speechwriting services include tender, one-of-a-kind eulogies and memorials for your loved ones, and dynamic tributes for every milestone occasion in your life, like your child or grandchild’s Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, graduation, engagement, wedding, or finding Jimmy Choo’s for $99.95, plus a nice tip.

Once Molly knows exactly what you need, for what purpose and when, she can immediately give you a quote for her creative fee, along with your guaranteed turn-around date.

Molly-Ann Leikin is happy to discuss your project/event with you in detail. She is available 24/7 by phone 800-851-6588. If you prefer email, you can reach her at

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When should you hire Molly to be your Executive Speechwriter?


When you have all the facts assembled, but what you put on paper is bone dry, Molly will punch it up and make it sizzle. She knows exactly how and when to add some color, wit and fire to your prose. In addition to writing and polishing your text, Molly even coaches you on your delivery.

When you have an avalanche of ideas circling but can’t seem to assemble them in any order.

When you simply don’t have time. You either waited too long, or you’re overwhelmed by the task and are hiding under the covers with cupcakes.

When you’re competing with family members (as we always are), who “killed” at the last gathering, and you desperately need what you say now to sound clever, witty, sharper, and much more memorable.

When you want to honor a loved one in your eulogy or memorial, and this is the very last thing you will ever get a chance to say to him/her, hire a speechwriter.

When you feel like you’re back in school and your assignment, which is worse than homework, and which you’ve had for weeks, is late.

Don’t Panic.

You just need Molly.