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Birthdays Call For Celebration!

Birthday Toasts


Birthday Limerick:
On First Looking Into Eleanor’s
85th Birthday

By Molly-ann Leikin

She’s fit, not the slightest bit flabby

At 85 that’s not too shabby

She tells a great joke

And tales of the bloke

She refers to as her Gabby Cabby


A Special Toast for Sherman


The invitation says this is Sherman’s 80th birthday.  But it’s really his second 40th, his fourth 20th,and the eighth time he has turned ten.    

On this special night, I want to share the legend of a man who wanted to impress a lady.  On their first date, he filled her home with red roses, flew her to Paris, and took her to dinner at Le Cinq.  Then he walked with her through the Tuileries at midnight, singing “If I loved you”. Romantic, huh?  Well, thatguy isn’t Sherman Zell.  On our first date, he took me to Fry’s Electronics, and bought himself office supplies.  Even so, twenty years ago, I married him.  And it has been a non-stop adventure ever since.  

Although technically an alta cocker, Sherman is anything but a man who snoozes in a Barcalounger.  He takes me ATV’ing, skiing and scuba diving.  And we’ve seen a good portion of the world together, enjoying all of those activities. 

My husband never does anything half-heartedly. It’s always full- throttle and over the top. The man is a Schlitz beer commercial. He spends every minute of every day going for the gusto.  

Devoted to his hobby of railroading, Sherman is a passionate train buff.  He also does his own laundry.  The man has so much energy, sometimes I feel like I’m hanging out with a teenage boy. But no matter what, he is always a mensch.

Sherman defines the word generous.  He volunteers as a third-grade math teacher at Louise Van Meter School.  Every summer, he donates his time for another Boy Scout project, which he underwrites. And he’s currently installing a brand new audio-video system in the sanctuary at this very temple.   

My birthday wish for you, Boo Boo, is to keep on crashing through life with me, for another eighty years. Happy birthday. I love you. Mazal tov!



Bar & Bat Mitzvah



Most people, who aren’t professional speechwriters like me, are happier being audited by a fiber-deficient IRS agent, than speaking in public.

They’re even more f’tutzed about trying to write what they’re going to say, especially in a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah speech.


That’s when you call me.

You can’t put off your Bar Mitzvah speech or Bat Mitzvah speech until it’s convenient – like after the shoe sale for single-footed size 5’s at Neiman Marcus, or until your herbal cleanse is complete. When you’re honored by being asked to make some personal remarks in a Bat Mitzvah speech or a Bar Mitzvah speech, you’re up. You’re on. You have to rock it.

Celebrating this special moment in Jewish tradition is not just an excuse to show off how big a gala your family can afford. The occasion marks a deep spiritual connection with G-d.


That’s when you call me.

I’m Molly-Ann Leikin, rhymes with bacon. Kosher bacon, of course.

Writing a Bar Mitzvah speech or Bat Mitzvah speech is easy for me. I’ve been a creative wordsmith all of my life, starting with the document I penned listing eleven point six reasons I should be excused from all forms of math. Indefinitely.

Now an Emmy nominee, and geometry free, over the past ten years, I’ve been the go-to person for coming-of-age occasions in the Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Jewish communities all over North America, England and even Israel.



Everything I create is original. No two commissions I accept for a Bat Mitzvah speech or a Bar Mitzvah speech are written alike. Ever.



How do we start on your Bar Mitzvah Speech? Or your Bat Mitzvah speech?

It’s all friendly. Easy. It’s all good.

I’ll have a nice, long talk with you on the phone so I can get to know you, the family, your relationship to the child for whom you need a Bar Mitzvah speech or a Bat Mitzvah speech, help you gather all your thoughts, memories, add some poignant suggestions, choose a theme, a tone, a point of view, and with your approval, get right to work.

How good does your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah Speech have to be?

Look at it this way: although you may marry many times, and celebrate a hundred birthdays, a person only has one Bar or Bat MitzvahJust oneSo don’t you want the words you say to be remembered? It’s a one shot deal.

That’s why you call me. I’ll write your Bat Mitzvah speech or your Bar Mitzvah speech for you. I’m the pro.

What special perks do you offer?

I coach you on your delivery!

Not only will I write a Bar Mitzvah Speech or Bat Mitzvah speech for you, in your persona and in your voice, but I’ll help you feel comfortable and safe giving it. My services include making an mp3 for you to listen to as you read along with the words, so you’re completely at ease with the text of your Bat Mitzvah speech or Bat Mitzvah speech by the time the occasion comes around.

When should we begin your Bat Mitzvah Speech? Or your Bar Mitzvah speech?

Best to prepare early. The minute the date is set, and you know you’ll have a role in the celebration, we start thinking about what you might say in your Bar Mitzvah speech or Bat Mitzvah speech. In most cases, that gives you at least a year. Don’t wait until it’s 8:52 on Shabbat morning, and the religious ceremony begins in eight minutes. At that point, it’s too late for even G-d to step in.

What do we say in your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah Speech?

They are as many choices as there are snowflakes, all of which are unique. You could go strictly traditional and stick with the Torah. Nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, if you’re really out there, you could commission Cirque du Soleil to choreograph a little something that’s tasteful, with you as narrator. But most families – no matter which branch of Judaism they embrace – prefer a blend of the traditional and the new in a Bat Mitzvah speech or a Bar Mitzvah speech.


Here’s how we start.

Hook ‘em with a great opening.

You have a captive audience for your Bat Mitzvah Speech or your Bar Mitzvah speech.
Don’t lose ‘em by starting with recycled material. “I’d like to thank…”
will signal it’s nap time.

You have a fingerprint unlike anyone else on the planet. We’ll use that. You’re not a cliché.
Your words shouldn’t be, either. I’ll make sure they aren’t.


The first line sets the standard.

In the opening sentence of your Bat Mitzvah speech or your Bar Mitzvah speech, I reach for something clever. Maybe a little funny, too. Instead of simply thanking the guests who were airlifted from Ipsilanti with hors d’oeuvres, how about “The CIA confirms that Aunt Puddy, Auntie Lacy and Great Aunt Yakabovsky caught the carp, the whitefish and the pike themselves. Now that’s g’filte fish. And nobody named Manishevitz or Rokeach was involved.”

What if I’m not a Jew and have been asked to give a Bar Mitzvah speech or Bat Mitzvah speech?

No problem. I do this all the time. I know how to help you, with the content, as well as pronunciation.


How long should I talk during my Bar Mitzvah speech or Bat Mitzvah speech?

Less is more. Keep it short. If you’re the only speaker, five minutes. If you’re sharing the time-slot, three. You want to say what’s in your heart, leave your fingerprint in the room, congratulate the honoree and his or her family, then sit down.

How do I end my Bar Mitzvah speech or Bat Mitzvah speech?

Mazal Tov and L’Chaim get ‘em every time. But if you’re in California, you might want to add, “Have a nice day, Dude.”



Molly-Ann Leikin is an Executive Speechwriter and Emmy-nominee. She will be happy to discuss creating your original Bar Mitzvah speech or Bat Mitzvah speech. Contact her here for more details.


She said YES! 

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You’re getting married! He finally popped the question, “will you sign the pre-nup here and here?”

Since the lawyers filed that document, Vera Wang has been gowning. Jimmy Chew, shoeing. Mothers are kvelling. Daddies are liquidating portfolios – and that’s just for the cake.


Florists, forests, caterers, musicians, beauticians, photographers, videographers, calligraphers, priests, rabbi’s and security guys have come together, forming an industry bigger and more powerful than The US Marine Corps, whose only mission is to make your wedding day perfect.
Now you have to write a speech for your wedding that is worthy of your moment.

I suppose you could find some $77.00 schlock site where you could download the same rhetoric 166,000 other folks have used this week alone. But aren’t you more special than that? Don’t you and your fiancé have a relationship fingerprint that is unique? Don’t you love one another like no other couple ever has? Surely you don’t want your wedding speeches, your wedding toasts and your vows, clogged up with clichés? Wouldn’t you rather be honest, have everything sparkle, saying what could only come from your heart to his?

I know your answer is yes.

But hey, you say, “I’m an IT person, not any kind of speechwriter. I just can’t write a speech or toast for my wedding” Or, “I’m a CFO. No classes on speeches at The Wharton School. I need help writing my speech for my wedding”. And “I have two gold medals for wrestling (OK – one was from the Olympics, the other from the Barney’s ten minute ramekin sale). I can fight. But I can’t write. Especially about love. Love and above. That’s all I know, dude.”


No worries. I can take the intimidation away. Immediately. I can help you write your wedding speech, and wedding toast.


There are many different kinds of speeches and toasts to be given before and during a wedding. They range from the proposal, to the bridal shower to “Attention: there’s a chartreuse pick-up with the lights on…” Follow them with toasts to the bride, groom, by and to the father of the bride, mother of the bride, stepfather of the groom, foster mother of the groom’s moil. Let’s not forget wedding speeches for the maid of honor, best man, siblings of the happy couple, their Facebook friends, Drs. Phil and Drew, family pets, both real and imaginary, and finally, the nannies, some of whom might have to teleconference from caves in Curacao.

It might feel overwhelming to you, but speechwriting for weddings and writing wedding toasts is easy for me.


Even with all the procrastination, the warm-up is part of my writing process. And yours.

Preparing to write speeches for weddings plus wedding toasts, I go shopping for shoes, take a number of long walks, devour Candy Corn, lock my phones in the trunk, and line up all my ritual stuff. That includes a glass of water, an ice bag for my neck, a second chair on which I rest my right foot, and then hang Post-its saying, “I can do it I can do it I can do it” all around my monitor. Next, I roll my shoulders backwards and forwards, stretch my jaw six times, and finally type something dumb, like “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog”. Then I have something on paper, which I might change to “The quick brown fox skidded to a halt when the hunky, albeit, lazy, dog walked by and the fox knew this was the one…”


See, at that point, I’m actually on point, playing with the words, instead of clobbering every syllable that isn’t brilliant in what I call “my early garbage draft”.

From there, I make lists of what I want to say in my wedding speeches and toasts for weddings.

Like a grocery list. Instead of “linguini, zucchini, scaloppini and gum”, I might write “I love your big feet, your big hugs and small AMEX balance…” Moving forward, I make another list of all the reasons I’m honored to be someone’s life partner, then tell a story or two about our courtship, and look out – I’ve already got a very good start on my remarks. My wedding speech is almost written. See? Easy.

To show you the importance of choosing every word carefully, I was contacted several years ago by The Norman. (not his real name). He had already asked a lady to marry him, twice, and got “no thanks” both times. So he asked me to write a marriage proposal for him that would change the response.

I did. She said yes. The young woman never knew Norman was so romantic, passionate and completely committed to her happiness. (I even told my client to return the ring his lady had been turning down, and get a bigger one, in a more turquoise box tied with a pretty white ribbon.)

He and Julie have been married twenty-one years and six days.



Here are five simple tips to writing a wedding speech or wedding toast, whether the ceremony is at
City Hall or in the City of Light.



Start early. Don’t wait until the flowers and the florist flop over before you commit quality time to what you want to say.

Practice. This will put you, your fiancé and your guests at ease.

Be brief. This is about love, not a debate on healthcare. Say what you feel, not what other people have already said.


Be a little funny, a little teary, and finish on a positive note, making everybody cheer.

Should you need some help writing your wedding speech or wedding toast, I’m right here with my basket of beautiful words that we’ll choose together for your one-of-a-kind, one-in-a-lifetime wedding.



Molly-Ann Leikin, Emmy-nominee, Executive speechwriter,
offering eulogy writing services.


When your loved one is dying, there is no more helpless crawl of time than when watching her/him struggle, then float away. In spite of how hard you hold on, hold on tight tight tight, the moment comes when you have to let go. The person you’ve cared for so long and so deeply, passes away. 


As the funeral is arranged, in addition to your heart being trampled and your feelings in razor-like free-fall, you have to write a eulogy. 

No matter how articulate you are at other times, in this dark moment of devastating loss, your words and ideas get stuck. All of your emotions are hopelessly tangled, and hide. The last thing you want to think about is where to find appropriate eulogy ideas that aren’t clichéd.

On top of that, you are faced with writing a eulogy speech that will do right by the memory of your loved one for the funeral. 

How are you supposed to know how to write a eulogy?

I know how. This is my profession. I’m an Emmy-nominee. And I’m here to write your eulogy speech for the funeral.

When I write your eulogy speech, the syllables I carefully choose, just for you, are passionate, poignant, emotional, and exquisitely sensitive. Or, if you prefer, we can make them funny. Sometimes, both. There are no absolutes.


What tone should my eulogy speech take?

At the funeral, or memorial service, I’ll make sure your speech will sound like you, not me. I will write a eulogy of celebration, if appropriate, not only one about the hole in your heart. As your speechwriter, I will suggest original eulogy ideas. We decide together which ones reflect your personal relationship with your loved one.


In many religions, you only have a day. You panic. Eulogy writing? You’re a CPA. A surgeon. A mathematician. You’re a judge, a techie, a painter, an investment banker. You manage a wildcatting crew. You’re a nurse, a baker, a short stop in Little League. 

How do I begin to write a eulogy for you?

First, we speak by phone. During our call, I gather a bouquet of your feelings, and suggest eulogy ideas for the funeral/memorial service. I listen to your love and your pain. I write it down. I cry with you. I’ll make sure your speech will sound like you, not me.


I will write a eulogy of celebration, if appropriate, not only one about the hole in your heart. As your speechwriter, I will suggest original eulogy ideas. We decide together which ones reflect your personal relationship with your loved one. That’s what a eulogy speechwriter is supposed to do. 

Will I give the only eulogy speech at this funeral?

At the service, sometimes only one person gives a eulogy. At other memorials, several people will stand and present their thoughts. No matter what your situation is, when you’ve been left behind, like all of us, you ache for one more slow, sweet moment to say goodbye, in your own voice. That’s what I achieve with my eulogy writing services.

Even though it may be a public event, your original eulogy is still about your special relationship and love for the person you lost, as you’re trying to say goodbye. Forever.

As I dig for original eulogy ideas, and I dig deep as deep goes, I have only one goal: to do my very best work for you at this sensitive time, creating a precious, beautiful document whose words will soothe your heart, and your family. That’s what a good eulogy does.