Acceptance Speech
for Marla Dan

Hadassah was the original name of Queen Esther in the Old Testament. Esther means Myrtle tree, which, in Jewish tradition, represents the morning star.

As members of Hadassah, we can make a broken sky whole again with hope – our circle of hope. We do that every time we step up to make a difference.

As your president, I am inspired by the spirit of your philanthropy and service that promises and delivers cutting edge medicine and care in our hospitals. That spirit stands firm, on the front lines, arms folded, to stop violence against women and children, once and for all. This organization will always honor its’ commitment to our day care centers and technical schools. As Hadassah volunteers, it’s never just something to do. It’s the right thing to do.

I have an ambitious agenda. And I need your help. Starting today, we are going to be bold. Bold with a capitol B. I challenge us to expand our donor base, strengthen our National platform and our brand. I want the Hadassah Gift Catalog to be as cool as iTunes.

But most important, we need to focus on our mentorship program, through which we gather the wisdom and experience of our mothers and grandmothers, who have been members all of their lives, and are willing to teach the ideals of this organization to our youngest women, who, thank G-d, have never lived in a world without an Israel.

It’s almost 2018, and time to combine our proud legacy with the endless possibilities of our future.

Times are tough, but we’re Jewish women and we’re tougher. Nobody is stronger than we are, standing together, one voice, one vision.

Now I need you to bring your 100% to the table, and then I need 10% more.

Can I count on you?

Okay – let’s go out there, let’s be bold – so we can keep our morning star, Hadassah, shining brighter than ever.


© 2019 Molly-Ann Leikin