Editing & Proofreading Services

In addition to writing original speeches for you, from scratch, I edit and proof read the speeches you have already begun. 

It’s easy to initiate that process.  Once we know we’re a good fit, just send me what you’ve started.  Scribbles are fine.  I’ll make everything fit in the right place.  If it doesn’t, we can revise it or simply set it aside for now.   

There are no wrong answers.

Once I read what you’ve started, and I know where you’re headed, I will help you shape your message.  Sometimes that simply means adding a little zing.  Or taking out something that doesn’t fly.  My goal in writing or revising your speech is to make it just right for your occasion, and sound like you.

Services I Offer

Editing & Proofreading your Speeches
Editing & Proofreading your Books
Editing your toasts
Editing your Vows
Editing your Eulogies
Editing & Proofreading your Short Stories

How does this work?

After speaking to you by phone for a few minutes, I can hear how you talk, how you phrase your remarks, and how you’re comfortable expressing your feelings.

What if you’ve already written your speech and want to run it by me as a second pair of eyes?

I will carefully read through, proofread and edit speeches you have already completed, and help you polish them, so they make you shine.  Maybe you just need a joke at the beginning, or at the end.  Or a poignant moment at the conclusion. 

Maybe some of your sentences could be shorter.  Or placed somewhere else in your document.  Perhaps, the longer sentences could become two or three shorter ones.    

I’ve always believed less is more.

If you’re a parent, a grandparent or honored guest, I will edit your Bar Mitzvah speeches the same way, just as I edit your Bat Mitzvah speeches.

Sometimes, my clients ask me to write or revise their wedding proposals.  Really?  Yes, I do that, too.  In fact, I’m very pleased to have a 98.8% success record.  (And these days, occasionally, the bride does the proposing, but that’s another story, right?)

Wedding vows?  Yes, I edit them, as well.  Along with your wedding and engagement toasts.

Whether I make it rhyme, or create it in prose, I want to write a toast for you that is something you and your guests will always remember.   

Big birthday toasts?  Yes, I edit them, too.  (A good mix of funny and sincere usually works).  And in the same way, I will tweak your toasts for graduation, toasts for getting a job, taking a sabbatical, toasts for retiring, passing the bar, and a toast just-because-I-love-you on a miscellaneous Wednesday

Everything I write – whether from scratch or by revising what you’ve started – is unique, and has your fingerprint on it.  Not mine.

I also edit and proofread your books.  And I edit and proofread your short stories, op-ed pieces, keynotes and scholarly writing.      

As an editor, I finish the speeches, vows, toasts, memorials, eulogies, books, short stories and scholarly papers that you start.

And I’m very good at what I do for you. 

Let’s get started.  Contact me here:  800-851-6588.