Birthdays Call For Celebration!

Birthday Toasts


Birthday Limerick:
On First Looking Into Eleanor’s
85th Birthday

By Molly-ann Leikin

She’s fit, not the slightest bit flabby

At 85 that’s not too shabby

She tells a great joke

And tales of the bloke

She refers to as her Gabby Cabby


A Special Toast for Sherman


The invitation says this is Sherman’s 80th birthday.  But it’s really his second 40th, his fourth 20th,and the eighth time he has turned ten.    

On this special night, I want to share the legend of a man who wanted to impress a lady.  On their first date, he filled her home with red roses, flew her to Paris, and took her to dinner at Le Cinq.  Then he walked with her through the Tuileries at midnight, singing “If I loved you”. Romantic, huh?  Well, thatguy isn’t Sherman Zell.  On our first date, he took me to Fry’s Electronics, and bought himself office supplies.  Even so, twenty years ago, I married him.  And it has been a non-stop adventure ever since.  

Although technically an alta cocker, Sherman is anything but a man who snoozes in a Barcalounger.  He takes me ATV’ing, skiing and scuba diving.  And we’ve seen a good portion of the world together, enjoying all of those activities. 

My husband never does anything half-heartedly. It’s always full- throttle and over the top. The man is a Schlitz beer commercial. He spends every minute of every day going for the gusto.  

Devoted to his hobby of railroading, Sherman is a passionate train buff.  He also does his own laundry.  The man has so much energy, sometimes I feel like I’m hanging out with a teenage boy. But no matter what, he is always a mensch.

Sherman defines the word generous.  He volunteers as a third-grade math teacher at Louise Van Meter School.  Every summer, he donates his time for another Boy Scout project, which he underwrites. And he’s currently installing a brand new audio-video system in the sanctuary at this very temple.   

My birthday wish for you, Boo Boo, is to keep on crashing through life with me, for another eighty years. Happy birthday. I love you. Mazal tov!