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Molly-Ann Leikin

Emmy-Nominee & Executive Speechwriter


Born in Ottawa, Canada and a graduate of the University of Toronto, Molly completed her post-graduate studies at the University of Paris, then UCLA and I'm Not Guilty Traffic School.

As a staffwriter for A & M records, Interworld Music and Chappell Music in Hollywood for ten years, Molly wrote hits for most of the Top 40 artists, including Placido Domingo, Cher, Dusty Springfield, Anne Murray, Tina Turner, Susie Allanson, Glen Campbell, Karen Carpenter, Billy Preston plus Yitzi Ya Ya and the Yo Yo’s. Preview her song coaching and marketing service at

Known for the depth of her passion, her sharp wit and most of all, her sense of humor, she began her career in prose by composing a limerick for the invitation to a friend’s daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, which, of course, was held on a baseball diamond in Beverly Hills, California.


To accommodate her growing list of prose clients, Molly established Anything With Words. She has become the go-to writer of wedding vows, toasts, Bat/Bar Mitzvah speeches, eulogies and memorials for the stars of Rock ‘n Roll, and the keynote speechwriter for corporations and charities of all kinds, all over the world.

Molly collects contemporary art, practices yoga, takes long morning walks, flosses, and tries not to eat KitKats.


Her words – your words – are remembered forever.

Molly writes dynamic acceptances speeches when you’re installed as an officer of a charity, or when you are nominated for an Industry award – like an Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony or a Golden Globe. The only thing Molly won’t write for you is a ransom note, but she farms those out to Big Willie, upstate.

Molly writes toasts and memorials – for your family, your friends, colleagues, your pets, plus Bar/Bat Mitzvah speeches and even wedding proposals. She has a very sharp pencil. When Molly Dear John’s someone for you, he stays Dear Johnned!

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Molly’s background as an Executive


She got her first gig when she was only eight. Miss Hodgins, her fourth grade teacher, an unpleasant, emaciated Canadian who needed much more fiber in her diet “invited” Molly to write “I must not chew gum in school” one thousand times, with a nib pen and ink.


Molly did so well on that assignment, Miss Hodgins gave her another – “I must not talk in class” – two thousand times.


Now her credits include themes and songs for more than five dozen TV shows and movies, including “Violet”, which won an Oscar. The subjects of chewing gum and speaking in class haven’t come up again in any assignment she’s accepted as a speechwriter.


Molly-Ann Leikin has a distinguished
client roster that includes: 

The Golden Globe Awards
The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
The Santa Barbara Symphony, Rep. Lois Capps – U.S. House of Representatives
 The Archdiocese of Los Angeles
The American Institute of Wine and Food
Hadassah Canada
The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation
B’Nai Brith, the Montreal Jewish General Hospital Auxiliary
The Composers and Lyricists Guild of America
Dumber Than Cement, LLC.

When should you hire Molly as your
Executive Speechwriter?

When your occasion deserves the best.

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When you’re competing with family members (as we always are), who “killed” at the last gathering, and you desperately need what you say now to sound clever, witty, sharper, and much more memorable, Molly’s unique, custom services as a speechwriter will save the day.

When you simply don’t have time. You either waited too long, or you’re overwhelmed by the task and are hiding under the covers with cupcakes. Then you need Molly-Ann Leikin to be your speechwriter.


 When you feel like you’re back in school and your assignment, which is worse than homework, and which you’ve had for weeks, is late, don’t panic.

You just need Molly.

When you have all the facts assembled, but what you put on paper is bone dry, Molly will punch it up and make it sizzle. She knows exactly how and when to add some color, wit and fire to your prose.

When the words in your heart get stuck on the way to the page.


When you have avalanche of ideas circling but can’t seem to assemble them in any order, then you need Molly Leikin to be your speechwriter.

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When you want to honor a loved one in your eulogy or memorial, knowing this will be the very last thing you will ever get a chance to say to him/her, hire Molly Leikin.  Take advantage of her creative gifts as a speechwriter.  You will be very happy you did.

When you’ve tried being your own speechwriter but feel nervous about it, Molly is happy to be your second pair of eyes. That’s a big part of what an executive speechwriter does.



In addition to writing and polishing your text, Molly even coaches you on your delivery.
That’s included in her creative fee.