Speech writer Molly-Ann Leikin

Molly-Ann Leikin

Emmy Nominee

Speech writer, offering custom speech writing services

Molly-Ann Leikin, (rhymes with bacon), the Executive Speech Writer, is an Emmy nominee.

She is eloquent. She is funny. And she is passionate.

Her speech writing services include tender, one-of-a-kind eulogies and memorials for your loved ones, and dynamic tributes for every milestone occasion in your life, like your child or grandchild’s Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, graduation, engagement, wedding, or finding Jimmy Choo’s for $99.95, plus a nice tip.

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Speech writing services

Your Personal Custom Writing Service

Molly writes custom words for you that sing on paper. That’s a speech writer! Whether you need a little help when addressing the troops, your shareholders, creating your marriage proposal, your wedding speech, or that special keepsake letter to your family when you move into your new home, Molly is here for you.

She is a professional speech writer, offering award-winning speech writing services, and understands the importance of your very personal message. Making every syllable count, and making you shine, are her goals.

Molly also pens serious, scholarly oratory. When her executive clients need professional papers, articles and business essays from an original speech writer, they call Molly.

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Everything she creates is in your persona, so it sounds like you, with a little extra panache.

Whenever your occasions need a professional speech writer, Molly uses her magic pen to make ‘em laugh, make ‘em cry, make you, your family, your boss, colleagues, shareholders, constituents and friends very proud.

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About Molly-Ann Leikin,

Emmy nominee, your Executive Speech writer, and her professional speech writing services.

Branching out from her career as a hit songsmith, Molly became the go-to speech writer of poignant eulogies, memorials and testimonials for the legends of Rock ‘n Roll. Then CEO’s of music publishing companies and CFO’s of record companies sought her out to be their speech writer for annual shareholder and industry meetings. The referrals have grown. Now Molly performs her speech writing services for actors, directors, and composers who commission her to be their voices on paper, especially during award season.

She is frequently commissioned to be the speech writer for positive Congressional and Senate candidates, and for incoming and outgoing officers of charities.

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When should you hire Molly as your speech writer and use her speech writing services?

  • l. When you simply don’t have time. You either waited too long, or you’re overwhelmed by the task and are hiding under the covers with cupcakes. Then you need a professional speech writer.
  • 2. When you have swarms of ideas circling but can’t seem to assemble them in any order, then you need Molly Leikin to be your speech writer.
  • 3. When you have all the facts assembled, but what you put on paper is bone dry, Molly will punch it up and make it sizzle. She knows exactly how and when to add some color, wit and fire to your prose.
  • 4. When you feel like you’re back in school and your assignment, which is worse than homework, and which you’ve had for weeks, is late, don’t panic. You just need a professional speech writer. Call Molly.
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  • 5. When you’re competing with family members (as we always are), who “killed” at the last gathering, and you desperately need what you say now to sound clever, witty, sharper, and much more memorable, Molly’s unique, custom services as a speech writer will save the day.
  • 6. When you want to honor a loved one in your eulogy or memorial, and this is the v
  • ery last thing you will ever get a chance to say to him/her, hire a speech writer. Take advantage of Molly Leikin’s professional speech writing services. You will be happy you did.
  • 7. When you’re putting off your application to college or grad school because you’re afraid of the essay, Molly will help you write it. And 95.2% of her clients are admitted to the colleges of their first choice.
  • 8. When you’ve tried being your own speech writer but feel nervous about it, Molly is happy to be your second pair of eyes. That’s a big part of what a professional speech writer does.
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In addition to writing and polishing your text, Molly even coaches you on your delivery. That’s included in her creative fee.

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Molly’s background as a professional speech writer

She got her first gig when she was only eight. Miss Hodgins, her fourth grade teacher, an unpleasant, emaciated Canadian who needed much more fiber in her diet, “invited” Molly to write “I must not chew gum in school” one thousand times, with a nib pen and ink. Molly did so well on that assignment, Miss Hodgins gave her another – “I must not talk in class” – two thousand times.

Now her credits include more than five dozen TV shows and movies, including “Violet”, which won an Oscar. The subjects of chewing gum and speaking in class haven’t come up again in any assignment she’s accepted as a speech writer.

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What kind of creative writing services do you need?

Molly’s company name is Anything With Words. Like it says, she will write whatever you need - except a ransom note (which she farms out to Big Willie, upstate). When you want your prose and your feelings to be remembered forever, she is your go-to speech writer.

Will I hear my speech anywhere else?

Never. Whatever Molly-Ann Leikin creates for you as a professional speech writer or author of any kind of project for you, is unique. Everything is one-of-a-kind. First, by schmoozing with you on the phone, she learns who you are, then writes in your voice for each of the legacy occasions of your personal and business lives.

What is Molly’s turn-around time for her speech writing services?

When you need it, you get it.

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While she prefers the luxury of time to think about your project and scarf down enough green M & M’s to work up the best approach, if you need it yesterday, you got it. Molly guarantees that as your speech writer, what she creates for you will be like singing on paper. On time.

Additional speech writing services exclusively from Molly-Ann Leikin

Herkowitz asked his smart, beautiful girlfriend to marry him. She said no. Twice. Then he hired Molly to write an original marriage proposal. And that time, the lady said yes! Now the Herkowitz’s have been married for twenty-one years. They have four children, twins on the way. Molly is definitely the family scribe and professional speech writer. She has penned the Bar and Bat mitzvah speeches for all of the kids, plus birthday and anniversary toasts for the whole extended family, the eulogies for three grandparents, and all of Herkowitz’s professional articles plus the love letters to his wife.

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How do I contact Molly, to discuss her becoming my executive speech writer?

Easy. Call her. 800-851-6588. It’s old school, but so is Molly. Call her now and tell her about your project. She will be honored to make you shine.

What can Molly write for you?


Speech writer.