arch flowers

for Molly-Ann Leikin, Anything With Words



l. “Molly wrote a speech for us that raised $10,000,000.00.”
Fran Yagod, Montreal Jewish General Hospital



2. “Molly, you keep me “shining on and on.”



3. “We always hire Molly. She keeps ‘serving’ delicious words.”

Julia Child


4. “Fast, brilliant, beautiful..”

Marla Dan, Hadassah, Canada.


5. So I hired Molly on Thurs. to write my speech for my niece’s Bat Mitzvah the following night. Rocked the house.

Barry Deutch, BarryADeutch@gmail.com


6. “How many times does a guy get a Golden Globe? My speech had to be worthy of the honor, right? Ms. Leiken, you sure made me sound worthy!”

Golden Globe Nominee


7. “My lady turned down my wedding proposal twice. Then I hired Molly-Anne. This time, Elayne said yes. Molly is my lucky charm.”

J. Walters, Companyofwinners@gmail.com


8. I’m a professor of English Lit now, published author of 23 short stories plus 17 novels. When Carter died, I could not finish a sentence. I called Molly to write Carter’s eulogy for me. Everybody from 60’s-70’s Rock ‘n Roll was in the room. On that dark, dark day of mourning, Molly’s speech made everyone double over in laughter. Carter would have wanted it that way.”

David Diamond, Former DJ, KHJ, Los Angeles


9. “Mollie’s ideas are works of art, just like our collection.”

J. Shierg, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA


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