By Molly-Ann Leikin

for Anything With Words


Whatever kind of personal or business letter you need, I will write it for you, in your voice, so it sounds like you, not me. 

I will set aside all the time needed to fully understand the goal of your letter so I can compose it from your point of view.

When I write this letter for you, I will choose every syllable with care.

What kind of letters do I write?

l. I write cover letters to accompany your resume/application.

2. I write letters of introduction.

3. I write letters to re-establish contact with old friends/colleagues.

4. I write letters to end a family or business estrangement – no matter how long it’s been.

5. I write letters of congratulation.

6. I write letters of forgiveness.

7. I write letters of apology.

8. I write letters of condolence.

9. And most important, I write letters from summer camp & college, asking for more money to cover emergency M & M’s and Corvettes.


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