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Eulogy Writing Services by Molly-Ann Leikin

by Molly-Ann Leikin, Emmy nominee, Executive speech writer, offering eulogy writing services.

When your loved one is dying, there is no more helpless crawl of time than when watching her/him struggle, then float away. In spite of how hard you hold on, hold on tight tight tight, the moment comes when you have to let go. The person you’ve cared for so long and so deeply, finally dies. He is gone.

As the funeral is arranged, in addition to your heart being trampled and your feelings in razor-like free-fall, you have to write a eulogy.

No matter how articulate you are at other times, in this dark moment of devastating loss, your words and ideas get stuck. All of your emotions are hopelessly tangled, and hide. The last thing you want to think about is where to find appropriate eulogy ideas that aren’t clichéd. On top of that, you are faced with writing a eulogy speech that will do right by the memory of your loved one for the funeral.

In many religions, you only have a day. You panic. Eulogy writing? You’re a CPA. A surgeon. A mathematician. You’re a judge, a techie, a painter, an investment banker. You manage a wildcatting crew. You’re a nurse, a baker, a short stop in Little League. How are you supposed to know how to write a eulogy?

I know how. This is my profession. I’m an Emmy nominee. And I’m here to write your eulogy speech for the funeral.

When I write your eulogy speech, the syllables I carefully choose, just for you, are passionate, poignant, emotional, and exquisitely sensitive. Or, if you prefer, we can make them funny. Sometimes, both. There are no absolutes.

How do I begin to write a eulogy for you?

First, we speak by phone. During our call, I gather a bouquet of your feelings, and suggest eulogy ideas for the service. I listen to your love and your pain. I write it down. I cry with you. That’s what a eulogy speech is supposed to do.

What tone should my eulogy speech take?

At the funeral, or memorial service, I’ll make sure your speech will sound like you, not me. I will write a eulogy of celebration, if appropriate, not only one about the hole in your heart. As your speech writer, I will suggest original eulogy ideas. We decide together which ones reflect your personal relationship with your loved one.

Will I give the only eulogy speech at this funeral?

At the service, sometimes only one person gives a eulogy speech. At other memorials, several people will stand and present their thoughts. No matter what your situation is, when you’ve been left behind, like all of us, you ache for one more slow, sweet moment to say goodbye, in your own voice. That’s what I achieve with my eulogy writing services.

Even though it may be a public event, your original eulogy speech is still about your special relationship and love for the person you lost, as you’re trying to say goodbye. Forever.

As I dig for original eulogy ideas, and I dig deep as deep goes, I have only one goal: to do my very best work for you at this sensitive time, creating a precious, beautiful document whose words will soothe your heart, and your family. That’s what a good eulogy speech does.

Will everyone know I wrote this eulogy speech for you?

Absolutely not. Everything I do is strictly confidential. I never mention anyone’s name without permission. Ever.

Who are my clients who need me to gather eulogy ideas and then write a eulogy?

My clients are people like you, whose hearts are drowning in loss, unable to gather the words and memories they need in order to say a brave and beautiful goodbye.

Recently, I did eulogy writing for a little girl, who was eight, with sun-fired red, curly hair, who lost her grandpa. Another special client was a single mom of three who had to bury her son, a Marine captain. Others are big brothers, or husbands and wives, who’ve spent forty years together. Some of my clients who need an original eulogy speech are best friends, who step up, one last time. And occasionally, my client is a CEO who just doesn’t have time.

I feel blessed to write a eulogy for a funeral because in this small way, I can help soothe my clients through the storms in their hearts.

Will I hear your same eulogy speech over and over, with the names changed?

No. Everything I write is one-of-a-kind. Using my imagination, I create an original document when hired to write a eulogy or anything else.

Eulogy writing is an art.

Whether or not you plan in advance as part of before-need funeral arrangements, when I talk to you, learning all about you and your relationship with your special person, I gently gather up your feelings and make them sing on paper.

You need a eulogy speech full of original eulogy ideas when you make funeral arrangements in advance.

You need a eulogy speech, filled with unique eulogy ideas when you don’t.

You need to write a eulogy if you are the only mourner in the middle of a yellow meadow.

You also need to perform eulogy writing when there are a thousand people in designer dark glasses filling a funeral cathedral or a synagogue.

And people ask me to write a eulogy when a friend passes away, even if it’s for a soft, quiet gathering at the edge of a river or under a willow tree.

Will I write prose or a poem in your eulogy speech?

No matter who is the subject, or my client, when I write a eulogy, my prose or my poem – or some of both – is remembered. That’s important. After all, this is the last thing you will ever get to say before you say goodbye.

Are there other occasions when I need a eulogy speech?

Yes. On the anniversary of a loved one’s death, it is now quite common for family and friends to come together again, holding hands, singing, and telling the spirit of your loved one, who is missed more and more, what has happened during the year he/she has been gone. I’m often asked to write a speech with original eulogy ideas for those milestone gatherings, too.

What extra & exclusive eulogy writing services do I offer?

Once we agree on the text, I record an mp3 of your eulogy speech, and email it to you. That way, you can practice as you hear my voice, and read along with the printed words. There is no additional charge for this service.

Call Molly-Ann Leikin for help with your eulogy speech, eulogy writing services, eulogy ideas, and funeral remembrances at 800-851-6588.

You’ll be very glad you did.

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