Dear John Letters and Break Up Letters

Dear John and Break Ups

I write Dear John letters and break up letters in all forms.

1. Teddy

There is a storm in my heart. As I finally face the sadness and disappointment between us, I need to say goodbye before they drown all the good memories you and I will have forever, no matter what. As long as there is love, I’ll carry you in my heart. Someday, I hope you’ll remember me – remember us – with a smile.

Thank you for sharing your journey with me.

2. Elwood

I threw your picture in the trash compactor, Elwood
I’m mad as a leaky nuclear reactor, Elwood.
You’re a terminal disease,
You’re a sleeze,
I’d rather love Hitler, Elwood

Or even Charles Manson, Elwood

Or Ivan the Terrible

But never you, Elwood

Never you, Elwood

Baby you’re toast.

By Molly-Ann Leikin © 2012 anything with words

These examples of my work were used with the permission of my clients, whose names were changed to protect their privacy.

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