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I help you write college admission essays, college entrance essays and college application essays. After we have a nice, long conversation so I can get to know you, I ask you to write your first draft. I read it, send you suggestions, you write the second draft, I send more thoughts. Then you write the third draft, and by that time, you have it pretty well down. I tweak the commas. This is your essay, not mine, so I want it to sound like you, in your voice, representing who you are, not who you think someone expects you to be. I want you to include things like your high-school lifestyle, your goals, plus the special skills and dreams you have that you don’t even consider relevant. They are. As an editor and consultant, I help you express them all. Here is a recent example. For privacy reasons, the name of my client and her school were changed.

Sarah’s Entrance Essay For The University of Southern California
Graduate School of Physical Therapy

By Molly-Ann Leikin 


What characteristics and experiences have motivated you to pursue a career in physical therapy?

From the day of my twelfth birthday until I was a freshman at UCLA, I helplessly watched my mother slowly and excruciatingly die of breast cancer. The one bright light during her suffering was when she received physical therapy treatments and the smile light came back into her eyes. Although her prognosis was only two years, with physical therapy, she was able to hang on for eight. And as she took her last breath, I promised her and my family I would commit my life to healing.

The first step was immediately joining the Global Medical Training Organization, which raises money and gathers medical supplies plus pharmaceutical donations for emergency care in Nicaragua and Panama. As an undergraduate and a volunteer, I made several trips each year to these countries to help soothe the pain of our third-world neighbors. However, as much as I enjoyed the spirit of the organization, I felt frustrated and limited in that I could only disburse medicine. How I wished that someday, I could make a difference with a more hands-on contribution to the physical well-being of these hard-working, unfortunate people.

Not long after my mother passed, a beloved friend was diagnosed with a tumor in her cervical spine. Although the malignancy was immediately removed, my friend soon became wheelchair-bound. Together, she and I discovered a foundation called Life Rolls On, and ever since, have attended happy events where volunteers like me surf alongside young people with spinal cord injuries. It is a joy to be part of this life-affirming process.

Keeping my commitment forefront in my mind, while still an undergrad, I joined the volunteer staff at Brown and Associates, and was quickly promoted to an aide. My experience here of seeing the results of my work slowly restore health to people in pain, I decided then and there that my career would be in physical therapy. I realized I could make a substantial short and long run difference, one-on-one.

I am blessed in being able to help my patients regain hope, strength and stamina. It is gratifying to know I’ve had some part in their healing.

But I can’t stop here. I need to acquire all the skills and knowledge available to continue my education and my journey as someone who cares, someone with a special gift to make others’ lives better.


Sarah was admitted to USC with a full scholarship.

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