Pick Up Your Trash!

Pick Up Your Trash - Molly-Ann Leikin

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By Molly-Ann Leikin


Brentwood is becoming a landfill of our own making. And the folks who used to pick up after us are gone. Living in a lean, green time, with the environment our priority, it’s heartbreaking to witness San Vicente Boulevard, the Grand Dame of our city, becoming a slum, as trash cans outside our many fine and fast food restaurants spill over onto the sidewalk.

Along the path surrounding The Brentwood Country Club, as graceful coral trees and stately eucalyptus sigh in disgust, joggers toss their bottles and snack packs into the bushes, as if keeping our city sparkling clean were someone else’s responsibility. Barrington Avenue is a waste dump altogether. Dog poop, soda cans and abandoned furniture make that street an embarrassment to all of us. But the alley stretching from Barrington to Montana should be cordoned off with yellow police tape. There, rotting food, plastic bags, coupons, burrito wrappers, condoms, cups, hats and human waste play a symphony of shame.

It is tantamount to a crime scene. Our whole town is. Let’s make Brentwood beautiful again. If we all pitch in, it’s done.

Pick up your trash.


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