Services & Fees

Services and Fees


Molly writes dynamic acceptances speeches when you’re installed as an officer of a charity, or when you are nominated for an Industry award – like an Oscar, an Emmy, a Tony or a Golden Globe. The only thing Molly won’t write for you is a ransom note, but she farms those out to Big Willie, upstate.

Molly writes toasts and memorials – for your family, your friends, colleagues, your pets, plus Bar/Bat Mitzvah speeches and even wedding proposals. She has a very sharp pencil. When Molly Dear John’s someone for you, he stays Dear Johnned!

Her words – your words – are remembered forever.

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Molly-Ann Leikin is happy to discuss your project/event with you in detail. She is available 24/7 by phone 800-851-6588. If you prefer email, you can reach her at

Once Molly knows exactly what you need, for what purpose and when, she can immediately give you a quote for her creative fee, along with your guaranteed turn-around date.

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